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Effects of Cocoly

Source of PAS

As we know, snail used to be applied in the fields of facial, medical treatment and others. Until Aug. 2013, Cocoly company cooperated with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for research and development, and successfully extracted a Polymeric acid substance from snail by cryogenic cell cold pressure fission extraction
Functions of PAS
  • It has super-high penetration, makes the nutrition rapidly absorbed and utilized by the crops, keeps the water and improves fertilizer efficiency.
  • It activates cell regeneration and physiological function, stimulates generation of non-specific active factors in plant and regulates the extreme speed balance of internal sources.
  • It provides small-molecule essential substance protection – series of enzymes are translated to chemical substances in plant, effectively inducing to generate resistant protein and improving defense capability of plants against pest and diseases damage.
  • It enhances biomass of microorganism in soil, improves soil environment and helps with soil hardening and acid-base imbalance problems.

  • Technology

    This is a kind of thick small-molecule essential substance that is called PAS and is applied to agricultural field, but mass production relying on snail is unpractical. Afterwards, via ten thousands of repeated search and experiments, we finally discovered the same ingredient to snail’s extract in a leguminosae plant at downstream of Amazon, and applied this food-grade essential ingredient PAS into Cocoly. It greatly improves fertilizer efficiency and gives Cocoly special effect that is absent in other fertilizers.

    Cocoly fertilizer and its functions at eight key stages of plant growth

    Cocoly fertilizer and its functions at eight key stages of plant growth

    • Nursery period: avoid damping off and other disease in this period. keep uniform strong seedlings without over-growth.

    • After transplanting:recover fast, no dead seedlings, avoid soil-borne diseases.

    • Vegetative period: short internode, thick strong stems, thick leaves, balanced vigor, disease resistance.

    • Flowering period: early flowering, good bud differentiation, big and bright flowers, high flowering ratio, less falling flowers.

    • Fruit setting period: high fruit setting rate, and prevent malformed fruits.

    • Expanding period: fast expanding, uniform fruit size, high organics content, uniform maturity.

    • Color transfer period: uniform and bright color, good taste, prevent sunburn and abnormal fruit.

    • Harvest period: high yield and sugar content, big single size, late aging, stores well.
    Problem 1:  
    • Unbalance of crop natural hormones: Uneven plant vigor, few flower, malformed fruits.ZTDH – Molasses fermentation solubles contained in Cocoly can enhance crop endogenous hormone requlate crop intelligently, greatly affect the morphology and yield physiology of crop and then induce the previous nutrient to effective parts to regulate plant growth and ensure strong plant, more branches, and more uniform fruits.
    • Basic functions:
    • Root generation, flowering promotion, fruits retention, more uniform fruits.

    Case one: Apple in Yantai, Shandong province

    Case two: Orange in Guilin, Guangxi province

    Treated Apple has uniform size, bright color and better commodity. Treated ones have better anti-stress, late aging, sound green leaves, and can be harvested easily mechanically.

    Orange treated with cocoly as big cluster, crispt flesh, good color and existing vigor. Strong vigor, plenty fruits.         

    Problem 2:
    • Soil acid and alkali. Compaction, rot root, weak seedling, yellow leafUnique soil acid and alkali adjusting tech, ZTDH- Polymeric acid substance is the cocoly unique content. It is effectively against soil acid and alkali, compaction, rot roots, dead roots, serious root disease, bad seedling emergence with no younger ones caused by long-term use and over use of chemical fertilizers, It is especially suitable for adjusting acid soil, sandy soil, infertile soil and so on.Compared with other tech, adjusting tech of cocoly can regulate soil PH intelligently, protect soil and crop from intense chemical attach, and finally complete the reconstitution of soil acid and alkali balance.

    Treated crop does not have moss around root, and the vigor Because substance ginger happens yellow leaves is strong,which shows that cocoly can improve saline-alkali after emergence. 4 days after applying cocoly, leaves startsoil, and regulate acid-base balance apparen turning green,while the CK is still yellow. 4 days after application,treated ones has stretched root, 10 days after applying,treated ginger has recovered.

    Problem 3:
    • Soil will be gradually infertile by applying chemical fertilizer. Weak resistance. ZTDH- Fulvic Acid in Cocoly can absorb surrounding nutrition 30 times as its own weight, water 100 times. Lock soil nutrient, realize soil long term effect. As the appetizing agent of top dressing, Cocoly can be applied alternatively with fertilizer, in which way, soil will be gradually fertile, and reach high yield and profit high quality. ZTDH- Amino Acid in Cocoly can regulate the osmotic balance of nutrient, stimulate plant vitality, fast repair the blocked vascular bundle, enhance crop immunity under low temperature, and promote crop resistance.

    Treated plant absorbs nutrients well. More big fruits with,
    shape,Fruits expands fast, has high ratio of big ones,which ensures abviously yield.

    Treated tomato has fast expanding, uniform fruit size,diameter.Tomato applied cocoly has short internode, thick stems and leaves,also strong vigor.There are 5

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